Bridal henna is bespoke to each bride and can be sketched out beforehand.  I offer four packages that vary in length and include both sides of the arms and feet.


Bridal henna should be applied 2-3 days before your wedding day in order to achieve the darkest stain. I use 100% natural henna paste made with lemon, sugar and essential oils, which should produce a cherry red to mahogany stain if the correct pre and post henna care is followed.


Your henna application can take anywhere between 3-9 hours depending on the package chosen. I insist on starting before any functions begin or applying the day before your henna event. 


I unfortunately do not apply bridal henna whilst your events are going on.   2021 - 2022 prices currently vary from £300 - £650 and travel charges incur outside of Croydon. 





Party henna is not limited to just weddings, but can be an idea for events such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, children’s parties and corporate events.


I can complete simple but detailed designs in a matter of minutes whilst still maintaining the clean work I am known for. I currently charge a fixed rate of £50 an hour and can complete approximately 10-14 strips of henna in one hour. I have a minimum of two hours booking required for events in south London and three hours minimum outside of this area. 




I offer 121 Henna training to beginners wanting to learn the basics of applying henna and constructing simple henna strips, and also to more advanced artists who would like guidance on refining their work and designing bridal henna. 


The courses are run from my home in Croydon on weekdays.  When enquiring, please let me know what kind of level you are at, examples of recent work and what you would like to learn.